The Five Tanning Hacks That Really Work

The Five Tanning Hacks That Really Work

1. Plan Ahead

Plan before applying your Australian Glow Self Tan products. This involves doing your usual beauty routine before applying your tan to ensure optimal results and a natural looking glow.
Do your mani-pedi, visit the hairdresser and remove hair before applying your tan. Soaking and scrubbing your feet after tanning will result in a faded and uneven colour.
To avoid skin irritation, wax or shave the day before, allowing sufficient time for your skin to rejuvenate and the pores to close.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is key when it comes to achieving an even and natural looking tan. Exfoliating with the Australian Glow Exfoliation Mitt gently removes dead skin cells, preparing an even base for your tan. Having a fresh base will prevent darker patches in certain areas and help the tan distribute evenly. This is particularly useful for removing existing product but should be done before any time you apply self-tanner!

No one likes a patchy tan!

3. Take care around dry skin

Even though you have already exfoliated your skin, some parts of the body require additional care to achieve that perfect glow!

Elbows, knees, and hands tend to have drier skin than the rest of the body and tanning products may stick to them, causing pesky darker patches and an uneven tan. To avoid this, use a non-oil-based moisturiser prior to using our Australian Glow products, and be sparing on these areas when applying.

4. Use Vaseline

Vaseline is oily and will protect the dryer parts of your skin from soaking up too much tan! Applying a thin layer of Vaseline on your elbows, back of your heels and hands will prevent too much tan sticking to unwanted places. We all want an even and natural looking tan and this is another step to achieving it!

5. Maintain your tan

Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!
Looking after your skin after your tan has developed will make your tan look better for longer! As your skin gets dry this can cause the tan to look scaly so drink lots of water and moisturise daily to avoid this! Keep hydrated inside and out!

Using these tips and tricks you will have a flawless looking tan in no time, all while protecting and nourishing your skin! Australian Glow uses organic ingredients to not only leave you with a gorgeous glow but also healthier looking skin!