How to Achieve the Perfect Face Tan

How to Achieve the Perfect Face Tan

You have mastered the art of a flawless faux tan on your body, but there is one more step you need to walk out the door with a glow that J-Lo herself would be jealous of. We are talking about face tanning!

Don’t worry, with our help, this will be the easiest addition to your tanning routine that makes all the difference if you are serious about your glow – follow our simple steps below: 

Preparation is key!

    The same way you exfoliate your skin prior to applying your favourite Australian Glow product, you will need to make sure your face base is clean and best prepped for a tan.

    The day prior to your tanning routine, make some time to give your face some TLC using your go-to facial exfoliator. Follow with your favourite moisturiser to lock in hydration.

    Pro Tip: An oil- free scrub or chemical exfoliation does the best job!

    Time to Tan

      Fast forward to the next day, you’re ready to start the glow up!

      Give your skin a good cleanse to ensure dirt and oil is eliminated – this makes sure the product doesn’t leave any streaks or patches.

      Beauty Hack: Give your face a splash with cold water, or even better an ‘Ice Facial’ using an ice block. This will ensure your pores tighten and close – don’t forget to dry your skin after!

      Choose your glow ally

        There are many different formulas targeted towards face tanning. Whichever product you choose, you will want to pay close attention to what’s in the formula. The delicate skin on your face is very different to the skin on your body and requires thoughtful ingredient choices to ensure your skin is kept well balanced and happy!

         Look out for the below when choosing your face tan product:

        • Organic Ingredients
        • Skincare targeted ingredients (who says one product cant have multiple benefits!)
        • Hydration (tanning can leave your skin feeling tight and dry, look for ingredients that replenish your hydration levels)

        To save you the hard work, we have worked tirelessly to create tanning products that achieve the above AND more.

        Our best recommendation for a beautiful glow that your skin will thank you for: Hydrating Self Tanning Drops – RRP $24.99


        Customise your application

          Get creative and make your face tanning fit into your routine!

          Our Self-Tanning Drops are a superhero product with Kakadu Plum and Hyaluronic Acid taking centre stage. This product can be used where you see best when applying your skin care products. Mix a few drops in with your serum, oil or lock in your hard work by mixing a few drops in with your favourite moisturiser.

          Pro Tip: Give the palms of your hands a good clean if using your hands to apply product or use a skincare brush/spatula to be totally hands free!